Trinkets are equipment tools which modify a character's status. They are divided into to categories : Accessories, which can be bought at the tools shops and Specials, which are sold by weapons shops. Each character can equip simultaneously one item of each categorie.


Name Effect Description Where to find
Ring of Life HP+1000 Simple ring with a red gem. Max HP,up Keyan west, 3600G
Ring of Magical Power MP+100 Simple ring with a blue gem. Max MP,up Keyan east, 3600G
Charm for victory Muscle Power+5 Mysterious charm which lets you defeat any enemies. Lecom, 3600G
Scrunchy of the Virgin Physical Power+5 Pink piece, perks up your mood and energy. Physical power,up Lecom, 3600G
Witch's Hat Magical Power+5 Purple-navy pointed hat with wide brim. Magical power,up Haltea, 3600G
Cloak of Late-Night Magic Resistance+5 Cool cloak with a shimmering rainbow iridescence. Magic resistance,up Haltea, 3600G
Ankh of Swift Wind Speed+5 It's a small world. Where are you off to in such a hurry? Speed,up Chasmus, 3600G
Gold-rimmed Glasses Evasion+20 Glasses with which you see everything around you stopped. Evasion,up Froma, 10000G, Airship
Sheep's wool Water R.+30 Soft wool which rustles like a flowing creek. Water prevention power,up Mysterious Ruin S3
Claws of Mole Earth R.+30 Claws of Mole, reminds you of the underside of a mossy stone. Earth prevention power,up Mysterious Ruin S4, East
Tail of lizard Fire R.+30 Red tail of lizard which smells like flame. Fire prevention power,up Mysterious Ruin S4, West
Aurora Cape All Attributes R.+15 Allure+30 Soft, light cape which shines green. All prevention powers,up. Allure,up. Dandong, Request 17
Coke-bottle Glasses EXP+100% Mysterious glasses which dramatically increase your diligence. EXP+100% (Effects become multiplied when wearing multiple.) Mysterious Ruin, 500MKP
Kitty Gloves GOLD+100% Fluffy gloves of luck to draw money. GOLD+100% (Effects become multiplied when wearing multiple.) Mysterious Ruin, 500MKP
Special Earring SP+100% Special Earring which increases SP. SP+100% (Effects are multiplied when wearing multiple.) Mysterious Ruin, 500MKP



They can be used by Frain only

Name Effect Description Where to find
Buckler Evasion+5 Compact shield for wearing on arm. Dandong, 300G
Round Shield Evasion+7 Shield with a reputation for light weight and durability. Dandong, 850G
Large Shield Evasion+10 Excels in attacking and defense with a spear notch. Lecom, 3600G
Dragon Shield Evasion+7, Fire R.+30 Fireproof shield made of lizard dragon's scales. Durability against fire attribute increases. Haltea, 9000G
Sand Shield Evasion+7, Earth R.+30 Earthproof shield made of granite. Durability against earth attribute increases. Haltea, 9000G
Mithril Shield Evasion+7, Water R.+30 Shield made of aglo's fur which sheds water. Durability against water attribute increases. Haltea, 9000G
Wood Shield Evasion+7, Wind R.+30 Shield made of lime wood. Strong against wind. Durability against wind attribute increases. Haltea, 9000G
Shield of Protecting Country Evasion+30 Wide and robust elaborate shield. Chasmus, 2500G
Shield of Four Gods

Evasion+15, All Attributes R.+20

Mysterious shield of shifting colors. Durability against all attributes increases

Airship - First north door


They are hold by Bell

Name Effect Description Where to find
Congregant's Cross HP Recovery+2% Ordinary wooden cross. Dandong, 200G
Cross of Innocence HP Recovery+3% HP+250 It's popular because it's made of stout zelkova. Max HP,up Dandong, 2000G
Cross of Dearness HP Recovery+5% Monster appearance ratio decreased A cross made of petrified camphor tree's root. It decreases monster's appearance rate. Lecom, 4000G
Cross of Religious Faith HP Recovery+5% Faith+20 Silver cross for a Bishop. Religious Faith, up Haltea, 6900G
Cross of the Virgin HP Recovery+10% Physical Power+5 I wonder how a crystal cross is carved? Physical power, up Chasmus, 10000G
Cross of Baptism HP Recovery+5% MP Recovery+3% Made of white birch! Valuable and highly sought after! MP auto recovery Froma, 17000G

Cross of Resurrection

HP Recovery+12% Resurrection Best piece, made of laurel. Auto recovery when fighting. Airship - Second south door

Cross of Blessing

HP Recovery+5% Echo

White marble cross...beautiful... Chants magic again.



Aulin wears them

Name Effect Description Where to find
Silver Earring MP Recovery+2% Isn't it a fashion basic? Dandong, 450G
Emerald Earring MP Recovery+2% Speed+10 Green color is nice because it's like the wind! Speed, up Dandong, 1060G
Amethyst Earring MP Recovery+2% MP+100 Purple is the color of witches, isn't it. Max MP, up Lecom, 3100G
Sapphire Earring MP Recovery+2% Allure+50 Blue color accentuates allure. Allure,up Haltea, 5700G
Turquoise Earring MP Recovery+3% MP Saving If you want to be stylish at low cost, this is it. MP saving Chasmus, 15000G
Tourmaline Earring MP Recovery+3% Magical Stength+5 Increases magical power like a concave glass. Magical power,up Froma, 15000G
Ruby Earring MP Recovery+1% Attack+440 We love this aggressive, flaming red! Attacking power,up Froma, 15000G, also Airship
Diamond Earrng MP Recovery+3% HP Recovery+5% You can wear it anywhere. HP auto recovery Airship