This is a quick break down of the stats in Machine Knights. Most are simple, but Allure, Bravery, and Faith might have confused some people.


Status Abbreviation (If Applicable) Info Boost
Muscle Power *** Increases minimum and maximum attack capability. Sutole Herb
Physical Power *** Increases defensive capability. Tamina Medicine
Allure *** Increases the chance of the party member not being targeted. Sweet Perfume
Faith *** Increase protection against abnormal conditions. Scripture of Spirit Gods
Bravery *** Increase critical chance. Glowing Adventure Tale
Magical Power *** increases magical attacks. Drop of Mazie
Magical Resistance *** Increases armor against magic attacks. Juice of Demazi.
Speed *** increase attack rate. Root of Azi
Health Points HP Increases your maximum health. Fruit of Life
Magick Points MP Increases your maximum mana. Seed of Magical Power