This Section is for those who want to know the stats of the secret bosses The Hp Is a rough guess based on personal battling so it is somewhat accurate and is rounded up respectively


Replican MK-2--Small cave East of Col where you found the Niter

60K Hp......60K Exp....60K Sp.... 1 Gold...**This is the easiest of the secret bosses**

Rewards from Dandong Reception: 20K gold 50K Sp

Recommended LvL 75+ Deals about 1200-1800 to each Party member..**( Depends on your Build and what you have equipped Could be more or Less)**


Famfarl-Chasmus Mountain Enter side closest to Chasmus Side

85,000-Hp......60,000 Exp.....60,000 SP...1 Gold.....Drops: Screws x2

Rewards from Chasmus Reception-- 20K gold...50K Sp

Recommended LvL: 80+ Deals 2500-4000 To each party Member ..Has chance to attack twice per turn varying between physical and magical


Lecomund- Spooky Hole(Enter cave next to Totori Village)

About 75,000 Hp ..60K Exp...60KSP (Hard Boss)

Recommended LvL 80-85+ High Def Needed

Rewards from Haltea Reception-- 20K gold...50K Sp...**(Cannon Artillery Shot-Deals 3000 per character) (Full Power Shot Deal upwards of 3000-5000 To Party)--**(Attacks twice per Turn so be careful)


Febdarm- Framp Forest South of Lecom (Lecom Entrance)

85,000 Hp...60k Exp...60k Sp....Recommended 80+

Deals 1000-2500 Damage Can attack 3 times in one turn

~Rewards are the same for all of these~


Ruin Machina- CR Room of Mysterious Tower

450,000 Hp (Estimate i rounded up might be close to exact though)... 51K exp 50K Sp You recieve a cracked core after beating it

**Cracked Core** 8%Hp recovery 2%mp recovery and Resurrection(auto revive upon death)

There is 6 Stages including the final stage (First and Final stage are solo fights)

**Copies Your Spells** After 75-80K Damage is will switch form and change the two helpers

Make sure u heal all the time The boss doesn't do much damage at first (around 1200-2200) but without healing your as good as dead ** Recommended Skills to use Suicide cut, Judge, and healing..The Boss will mimic judge but 80% of the time it will help you by either healing you or causing 15K-45K damage to boss not including your own skills

**Strategy** Have Frain use Suicide cut.. Bell use an All party Heal Spell.. And Aulin Use Judge every turn no matter what ..If u follow this you wont ever die

Recommended Lvl 85+ have all skills lvl 5 :) enjoy

**Also make sure you have high lvl gear(Duh right) so you can maximize you damage done**