There are two types of Requests in Machine Knight; Guard Station Requests and Other Requests.

Guard Station RequestsEdit

Those quests are given by the receptionists of the 'dispatch guard stations of Dandong'. You will find these soldiers in the entrance of each castle, beneath a counter. There are 36 requests. 28 are feasible before finishing the game. The last 4 will only appear after having the Ending Credits.

All the quests named 'Requests from ...' are repeteable. They simply consist in exchanging 3 pieces of a material against a piece of another.


Title Difficulty Description Reward
01: First Errand 1/5 At a small cave in the east of Dandong, help the soldiers who are having a tough time. (Kill 5 Panchos) 200G
02: Try your skill, fighting with Panchos 1/5 Kill 5 Panchos. 500G
500 SP
03: Red Eyes 1/5 Kill 5 Vivis. 500G
500 SP
04: Fire Ant of Terror 2/5 Kill 5 Fire Ants. 500G
500 SP
05: Attack of Machine Soldiers 2/5 Kill 5 Thabits. 500G
500 SP
06: At the Cave 2/5 Kill 5 Tenoes. 500G
500 SP
Soulpebble of Light
07: Requests from Dandong 1/5

Dandong has a serious supply shortage. Now, leather is more expensive than cloth.

Deal: 3 pieces of tanned leather can be exchanged for one white cloth.

29: Return of Machine Soldiers 6/6 In the small cave in the east of Dandong, an incredible machine soldier showed up. We need to put it down

20000G, 50000SP,

Transfer Pass "CR"


Title Difficulty Description Reward
08: Intangible Enemy 2/5 Kill 5 Liquids. 10 Refined Steel
1000 SP
09: Creeping Deadly Poison 2/5 Kill 5 Cocaitos. 10 Raw Silk
1000 SP
10: Cursed Tree 2/5 Kill 5 Pentes. 5 White Cloth
1000 SP
11: Whisper of Flame 3/5 Fill 5 Faihoes. Crystal of Magical Power
1000 SP
12: Flying Hunter 3/5 Kill 5 Aglos. Soulpebble of Water
1000 SP
13: Request from Lecom 1/5

Too much cloth has been sent to Dandong as aid supply. The prices rose due to a shortage of supply.

Deal: 3 rolls of white cloth can be exchanged for one smooth cloth.

14: Machine Infantry 5/5 Kill 3 Thabitors. 1000G
1000 SP
Tome of Manufacturing Galactic Cane
30: Great Emperor of Ravage in Forest 6/6 On the Lecom's high-side road of Forest of Framp, a giant machine soldier showed up. We need to put it down 20000G, 50000 SP, 


Title Difficulty Description Reward
15: Thousand Fangs 3/5 Kill 5 Vitas. 10 Silver Ingot
500 SP
16: Liquid of Death 3/5 Kill 5 Zelians. 10 Crystal of Magical Power
1000 SP
17: Heat Haze 3/5 Kill 5 Landhoes. 5 Soul of Giant
1500 SP
18: Like a Lightning 4/5 Kill 5 Stakes. Tome of Manufacturing Dragnor
2000 SP
19: Genie 4/5 Kill 5 Noids. Soulpebble of Fire
2500 SP
20: Request from Haltea 1/5

Clean cloth for injured people are in short supply. King of Haltea decided on a drastic policy.

Deal: 3 rolls of smooth cloth can be exchanged for one bundle of gold thread.

21: One Phantom Creature 5/5 Kill one Lanpancho. Tome of Manufacturing Zeus Beard
4000 SP
31: Man Piercing Core 6/6

In the deepest part of Spooky Hole, a devastating machine soldier showed up. We need to put it down.

Kill Lecomund 



Title Difficulty Description Reward
22: Shine of Danger 4/5 Kill 5 Litehoes. 1000G
1000 SP
10 Gold Thread
23: Winner of Sky 4/5 Kill 5 Agooles. 1500G
1500 SP
10 Smooth Cloth
24: Man-eating Plant 4/5 Kill 5 Nepentethes. 2000G
2000 SP
5 Fiery Fire Bag
Tome of Manufacturing Lukzion
25: God of Ravage 4/5 Kill 5 Chronoids. 2500G
2500 SP
26: Roar of Spring Thunder 4/5 Kill 5 Horneds. 3000G
1000 SP
Soulpebble of Wind
27: Request from Chasmus 1/5

Chasmus will be hit by cold weather. Warm materials are required there.

Deal: 3 pieces of dirty fur can be exchanged for one piece of high-class genuine leather.

28: Wild Emperor 5/5 Kill 3 De la Croix 5000G
5000 SP
Tome of Manufacturing Lugh Lamhfata
32: Vain Man Weapon 6/6 Holy Mountain, El Aldo 20.000G 50.000SP

Other RequestsEdit

These are given by NPCs. Often, they appear after having done something for the town/village during the main quest. Don't forget to talk with NPCs after having achieve something.

Other Requests
ID Title Difficulty By Destination Reward Description Conditions Screen Shots
01 Way to Lecom Castle 1/5 Guard Dandong 0G + 1,000 SP The way to Lecom is blocked. Recruit labor in Dandong to make a breakthrough in this situation. Request Reinforcement to Paul at Dandong Castle
02 Flash Light 2/5 Lab Worker Small Cave 0G + 500 SP This is all I need. Let's collect materials to make powerful detonating powder. Collect Niter at Small Cave
03 Chiki in Trouble 1/5 Chiki Dandong's Castle Town 0G + 300 SP Chiki dropped the money somewhere. She was on an errand to buy fish. Look for her money or offer your money...?
04 Glen's First Love 1/5 Glenn Tool Shop in Dandong 0G Bishop Glenn fell in love at the age of 70. Feane at the tool shop is the one he loves. Ask her how she feels about Glenn.
05 Feane's Innocence 1/5 Feane Church in Dandong 0G Feane only thinks that Glenn is a good bishop. How should we break it to him?
06 Glenn's Wish 1/5 Glenn Tool Shop in Dandong 0G Glenn decided to propose to her. By this time, he must ne meeting Feane. Let's go and see how it goes.
07 Feane's Melancholy 1/5 Feane Church in Dandong 0G + 500 SP Feane was happy to be proposed to but decided to say "No." Either yellow or pink rose for her apology. You were asked to choose one of them to give to Glenn.
08 Seek out a Legendary Musician, 1 5/5 Others Boy standing outside Tools Shop in Dandong 0G The musician named Yuiizo went to Lecom. Get updated information about him.
09 Seek out a Legendary Musician, 2 5/5 Others Docks at Lecom 0G The legendary musician was surely in Lecom. But he has already left to Keyan in the north, a long ago. Hope he's still there...
10 Seek out a Legendary Musician, 3 5/5 Others Girl in North-East part of Keyan 0G His stay in Keyan was short. According to a woman in town, she saw him in the north, at Haltea Castle.
11 Seek out a Legendary Musician, 4 5/5 Others Old man in basement of Haltea Castle 0G The musician loved Haltea so much. But he couldn't resist the temptation to sail. Which area over the sea is he now...?
12 Seek out a Legendary Musician, 5 5/5 Others Bishop in Chasmus 0G The musician visited all the castles. So, he decided to visit a small village. The musician seems to love travelling.
13 Seek out a Legendary Musician, 6 5/5 Others Old couple's house in Fishing Village, Totori 0G The musician overcame his dislike for fish in Totori. And to seek out new fish cuisine, he headed to another seaside village.
14 Seek out a Legendary Musician, 7 5/5 Others Boy standing outside the inn in Froma (requires airship) 0G "I have a place to return to." Saying this before he left the town. Where is the place he was talking about...?
15 Seek out a Legendary Musician, 8 5/5 Others Island south-west of the Village of Col (requires airship) 0G + Soulpebble of Light + 50,000 SP + Tome of Manufacturing Excalibur Finally the musician who had been traveling settled on this small village as his final destination. His notebook was passed to you...
16* Secret Alchemy Method 5/5 Lab Worker Holy Mountain, El Aldo 1 El Aldo Alloy The best steel in the world used to be produced by alchemy. Collect 3 pieces of El Aldo Steel as material.
17 Research the Mysterious Ruin 1/5 Riddy Mysterioud Ruin 2,000G + Aurora Cape + 50,000 SP From the lab worker, Riddy at Dandong Castle, you are requested to research the Mysterious Ruin.
18 Who Will Deliver a Love Letter? 1/5 Grande Lecom Castle 0G You received a letter from a Lecom Soldier, Grande. It's a letter of challenge to a duel, and his opponent is a person named Jillje.  She is standing beside the king
19 In Front of the Basement of Destiny 1/5 Jillje Lecom Castle 0G Jillje decided to accept the challenge, although she's a woman. She nominated Frain as a witness. The site for the duel is a basement where no one will interrupt.
20 Angel's Secret 1/5 Jillje Lecom Castle 0G Jillje won the duel. But, it was the 15th duel! Why does Grande challenge so many times?
21 Nobility in Tears 1/5 Jillje Lecom Castle 0G + 1,500 SP + Tome of Manufacturing Justice Jillje was having a hard time deciding whether she should lose on purpose or not. And she left her decision in the hands of the witness!
22 Pleasure of King of Lecom 3/5 King of Lecom Inn in Dandong 6,000G + Soulpebble Of Earth + 2,000 SP At the inn in Dandong, a sweet, tasty pudding is served to customers. The King wants to eat it.
23 Crisis in Disunion 1/5 Bally Resident in Town 0G In the town of Keyan, due to election, the town is about to be disunited! You're requested to ask both sides' opinions. First, go to see Robin.
24 The Second Dandong 1/5 Bally Dandong 0G For study, the east side representative, Robin went to Dandong Castle. Go to see him and hear his opinion.
25 Right Side Up 1/5 Bally Lecom 0G For study, the west side representative, Maurice went to Lecom Castle. Go to see him and hear his opinion.
26 Blank Drawing Board 1/5 Bally Church 0G Bally sees both sides having a strong greed for power. Which one truly wishes for the development of the country?
27 Shining Love 1/5 Bally Central Square 5,000 G + 5,000 SP + Soulpebble Of Earth Three brothers will have a discussion at the center of the town. So, what's the decision which the town makes...?
28 Young King's Wish 1/5 King of Haltea Dandong 2,000 G + 5,000 SP + Soulpebble Of Earth He wants to secure the channel of distribution for silver. Deliver the letter to Paul in Dandong to get as much support as possible.
29 Trauma 3/5 Soldier Haltea Castle 0G Because of the machine soldier's attack, a soldier at the edge of town received a serious trauma. Can you somehow relieve his suffering?
30 Backstreet Boy 3/5 Boy Castle Town of Haltea 0G The boy was inside the castle at the time of attack. But he was saved by a solider. He wants to see the soldier and thank him.
31 The Reason Why You're Beautiful 3/5 Muller Haltea Castle 0G It was Muller who saved the boy. He was glad for a moment, but he also has someone he wants to apologize to...
32 You're More Than That 3/5 King of Haltea Castle Town of Haltea 300G + 8,000 SP The person to whom the soldier want to apologize was to King. After the King heard his wish, the King went to see the soldier himself.
33 Emperor of Deep Ocean 4/5 Totori Ocean 1000G + Totori Steel x 10 Kill 5 Aidomas.
34 Warrior of Ocean 4/5 Totori Ocean 1000G + ?? Kill 5 Ryuposses.
35 Appearing Unexpectedly 4/5 Totori Ocean 1000G + ?? Kills 5 Sea Bats.
36 Request from a Depressed King 3/5 King of Chasmus Cureo 5000 G + 5000 SP The King's wish is to find the national flag at Cureo Castle and bring the flag with the aim of rebuilding the country. Retreive 

Location of flag