To help you during your adventure, you will find here information about the different places in the game.

As you progress in the game, you will earn items which will help you travel in the world. The maps allows quick travel between known towns. The boat allows you to sail and reach new islands and continent. Near the end of the game, you will get an airship which allows you to go everywhere in the world.

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Towns and VillagesEdit

There are no monsters in towns (except in special cases). You may find inns, shops, churches and meet numerous NPC's whom will sometimes give you quests. You may also find treasures in chests or hidden in barrels or bookcase. There are 6 towns and 3 villages. For more information about them, follow the link Towns and Villages



A dungeon is a place you enter via the map. It often has several rooms and you will encounter monsters. These places also shelter treasure chests and material farming spots (blues sparkles on ground). Detailed description of dungeons' content (monsters, treasures ...) is accessible here

Outside worldEdit

When walking between towns, on the map you may encounter monsters. Each area has its own fauna which is described here.

Dandong areaEdit

Monsters : Pancho, Fire Ant, Vivi
Drops : Tanned Leather, Sharp Fang, Black Wing
Reachable places : Village of Col, Dandong, Mysterious Ruin, Small Cave, Forest of Framp

Lecom areaEdit

Monsters : Aglo, Faihoe, Failant, Pente, Thabit
Drops : Feather of Monster Bird, Piece of Fire, Crystal of Magical Power, Sharp Fang, Stout Branch, Rugged Vine, Screw
Reachable places : Forest of Framp, Lecom, Keyan, Haltea area

Haltea areaEdit

Monsters : Aglo, Cocaito, Faihoe, Landhoe, Pente, Stake, Thabit, Thabitor
Drops : Feather of Monster Bird, Raw Silk, White Cloth, Piece of Fire, Piece of Earth, Crystal of Magical Power, Stout Branch, Rugged Vine, Robust Horn, Dirty Fur, Screw, Generator
Reachable places : Lecom area, Haltea

Totori areaEdit

Monsters : Aglo, Anpancho, Nepente, Noid, Thabitor, Wolahoe
Drops : Feather of Monster Bird, Tanned Leather, Rugged Vine, Soul of Giant, Silver Ingot, Generator, Piece of Water
Reachable places : Spooky Hole, Fishing village Totori, Cave of Surf Sound


After a certain quest, you will obtain a boat. When sailing, you will encounter sea monsters.

Monsters : Ryuposs, Oryuposs, Lipoans, Aidoma, Clocki, Sea Bat, Agoole
Drops : Steel White Thread, High-quality Skin, Sharp Fang, Root of Azi, Feather of Monster Bird
Reachable places : Everywhere except Chasmus area, Froma, Cave of Darkness, Airship

Cureo areaEdit

Reachable by boat.

Monsters : Bioless, Desant, Gramaan, Horned, Nepenteth, Thabitor, Winhoe
Drops : Sharp Fang, Piece of Darkness, Heart of Leo, Robust Horn, Iron Steel Line, Generator, Piece of Wind, Seed of Magical Power
Reachable places : Cureo castle, Holy Mountain El Aldo

Northern Arctic IslesEdit

Reachable by boat, north of Cureo.

Monsters : Tabit, Thabitor, Thabitest

Drops : Screw, Generator, Genuine Liquid Oil


Chasmus areaEdit

Reachable through El Aldo

Monsters : Braihoe, Cronoid, De La Croix, Horned, Litehoe, Nepenteth
Drops : Piece of Darkness, Soul of Giant, Claw of Dragon, Tamina Medecine, Robust Horn, Piece of Light, Glowing Adventure Tale, Iron Steel Line
Reachable places : Holy Mountain El Aldo, Chasmus

Froma areaEdit

Reachable by boat.

Monsters : Pancho, Anpancho
Drops : Tanned Leather

Southern IslesEdit

Reachable by boat. Isles southeast of Col and under Airship. These are very small islands so if your aim if to farm materials from machines, you should prefer the Northern Arctic Isles.

Monsters : Thabit, Thabitor, Thabitest
Drops : Screw, Generator, Genuine Liquid Oil


Farming places and other placesEdit

When walking outside, you will notice places which entry looks like a dungeon entry. Inside, you'll discover a single small area with 2 spots with blue sparkles. Those areas are farming places ; indeed when tipping on the blue sparkles you'll get materials ! There are no monsters in such places.

Woman's HouseEdit

Boat needed

On a small island southwest of Col you'll see an entrance which led to a single house. This house is inhabit by an old woman. You'll need to go here to complete quest 14, Seek out a Legendary Musician 7.

Dandong's ForestEdit

Where : West of Col, between mountains
Left spot : Raw Silk
Front spot : Smooth Cloth, White Cloth

Lecom's MountainEdit

Where : Extreme south of the continant. Follow a path between the mountains.
Left spot : Raw Silk
Front spot : Hard Scale, Rotten Seed

Lecom's MineEdit

Where : West of Lecom, south of Keyan, walk into hill
Left spot : Refined Steel
Right spot : Refined Steel, Silver Ingot

Lecom's PondEdit

Where : East of Keyan, north of Lecom
Left spot : Cocaito's Cocoon
Front spot : Stout Branch, Right Arm of Big Tree

Haltea's HillEdit

Where : Northwest of Keyan. After crossing the bridge to Haltea's area, follow the west coast. At a dead end over 2 bridges.
Left spot : Smooth Cloth
Right spot : Holy Drop, Hard Scale

Keyan's MineEdit

Where : West of Keyan, north of Lecom. Boat needed.
Left spot : Silver Ingot
Right spot : Silver Ingot

Col's GladeEdit

Where : South of Col
Left spot : Right Arm of Big Tree
Front spot : Round Shell, Rotten Seed

Cureo's ForestEdit

Where : East of Cureo. Sail east from Cureo.
Left spot : Steel White Thread
Front spot : Right Arm of Big Tree

Chasmus's West MineEdit

Where : West of Chasmus
Left spot : Claw of Dragon
Right spot : El Aldo Steel

Chasmus's East MineEdit

Where : East of Chasmus
Left spot : Iron Steel Line
Right spot : El Aldo Steel