In the Android International and Apple iOS versions of the game, there are medals you can get along the way.

Medal listEdit

Medal list
Shape Number Title Description
4 No.01 Machine Knight Completed all medals of merit.
1 No.02 Adventure by Three You received a companion.
2 No.03 Soul of Lecom You got a soulstone of water.
2 No.04 Will of Haltea You got a soulstone of fire.
2 No.05 Mortification of Cureo You got a soulstone of earth.
2 No.06 Regret of Chasmus You got a soulstone of wind.
1 No.07 World Shape You got a map.
1 No.08 Expanded World You got a ship.
1 No.09 To the Sky... You got an airship.
1 No.10 Tranquil Village You got to the Village of Col.
1 No.11 The Best Town in the World You got to Dandong Castle.
1 No.12 Held by Water Conduit You got to Lecom Castle.
1 No.13 Crossroad of Trade You got to the town of Keyan.
1 No.14 Leader of North You got to Haltea Castle.
1 No.15 Catching Sea Breeze You got to the fishing town, Totori.
1 No.16 Phantasmal Castle You got to Cureo Castle.
1 No.17 Fort in the Sky You got to Chasmus Castle.
1 No.18 Tropical Lonely Island You got to Froma.
2 No.19 Final Destination You got to the house of an old woman.
3 No.20 With Wings on the Feet You visited all towns.
1 No.21 For Who You cleared the first quest.
1 No.22 Hey, welcome You did your first shopping.
1 No.23 See you Tomorrow You stayed at an inn for the first time.
1 No.24 Art of Sparks You used a blacksmith for the first time.
1 No.25 Open Curious Heart You opened a treasure chest for the first time.
1 No.26 Sparkle Stone You collected materials for the first time.
2 No.27 More Higher Frain made a class change.
2 No.28 The More You Pray Bell made a class change.
2 No.29 Bloom Aulin made a class change.
2 No.30 At the Bottom of the Abyss You saw an event in the cave of darkness.
3 No.31 At the End of People's Relations You cleared the quest for a musician of legend.
2 No.32 Book Worm You read all books.
3 No.33 Genealogy of Evolution You got all Tomes of Manufacturing.
2 No.34 Feeling Like a Millionare. You used all inns.
3 No.35 Messiah You cleared all quests.
3 No.36 Holy sword You got Excalibur.
3 No.37 Ifrit's Whipping You got Zeus Beard.
3 No.38 Star Maker You got Galactic Cane.
2 No.39 Piece of Her You saw the event of Fraiya.
3 No.40 Happiness Filled with Hands You hold 99 Healing Herbs