The are a total of four endings in the game.

Bell's EndingEdit

Defeat Freiya. After fighting the Ein Helm, choose to stay in the current world.

After Frain decides to stay in the current world, he become a Bishop. However, he fails to memorize his lines, causing Bell to get mad at him and try out her new explosive spell on him.

Aulin's EndingEdit

Choose to have all three characters defend against Fraiya's attacks. Choose to stay in the current world after beating Ein Helm.

Aulin and Frain attempt to capture the machines left over, and only succeed in getting in each others way. Twice.

Freiya's Ending Edit

Defend against Freiya's attacks but choose to go back to the former world.

Frain meets Freiya in the laboratory and builds a new gate in order to return all the soul stones.

Frain's EndingEdit

Choose to go back to his world after defeating Fraiya.

Frain ends up in hyperspace alone, and blames himself for not thinking, causing his current situation.