A dungeon is a place you enter via the map. It often has several rooms and you will encounter monsters. These places also shelter tresure chests and material farming spots (blues sparkles on ground).

Mysterious RuinEdit

This ruin, north of Dandong, is said to be standing here even before the foundation of Dandong. It has mysteriously opened from the day Frain appeared in that world. Inside, you will find two interfaces which allow you to buy (with real money) and use Machine Knight Points (MKP), the game special currency. There are also portals that can be activate thanks to special passes sold by the interfaces.

Quest Involved: [#17: Research the Mysterious Ruin] Edit

To receive this quest, talk to the lab worker, Riddy inside Dandong Castle.

Upon activating quest 17, a new path that leads to a portal can be found at the back of the Ruin. That specfic portal requires Pass S01 to be activated, and this would then transport the player to a new secret room, at the end of which there is a new portal requiring Pass S02 and so on until the fourth and last room.

Rewards for Completing the Quest: Edit

  • 2,000G
  • Aurora Cape
  • 50,000 SP

Transfer Passes: [Required for Completing the Quest] Edit

Every transfer pass is located in the basement of a particular castle:

  • Pass S01: Lecom Castle Basement
  • Pass S02: Haltea Castle Basement
  • Pass S03: Cureo Castle Basement
  • Pass S04: Chasmas Castle Basement


Ruin map0
Portals :

c, d : portals to Forest of Elenoir and Cave of Sea Roar

e : portal to the end of the fourth room (finish quest 17 to activate

f : portal to secret room. Requires Transfert Pass CR

g : portal to secret room 1. Requires Transfert Pass 01

Tresures :




Left Interface items list (a):

Right Interface items list (b):

Name Price (MKP) Effect
Shine of Sun 10 Heal one target completely
Glitter of Moon 25 One target recovers all MP
Drop of Spirit 35 Heal one target HP and MP completely
Tears of Spirit 50 Heal one target HP and MP completely (fight only)
Soulpebble of Fire 125 Add fire damage/resistance
Soulpebble of Water 125 Add water damage/resistance
Soulpebble of Wind 125 Add wind damage/resistance
Soulpebble of Earth 125 Add earth damage/resistance
Soulpebble of Light 250 Add light damage/resistance
Soulpebble of Darkness 250 Add darkness damage/resistance
Space-time Pass "Forest" 750 Transfert pass for the Forest of Elenoir
Space-time Pass "Cave" 750 Transfert pass for the Cave of Sea Roar
Coke-bottle Glasses 500 Accessory EXP+100%
Kitty Gloves 500 Accessory GOLD+100%
Special Earring 500 Accessory SP+100%
Fruit of Life 25 Max HP +
Seed of Magical Power 25 Max MP +
Sutole Herb 15 Muscle power +
Tamina Medecine 15 Physical power +
Root of Azi 15 Speed +
Drop of Mazie 15 Magical power +
Juice of Demazi 15 Magic resistance +
Glowing Adventure Tale 15 Bravery +
Scritpure of Spirit God 15 Faith +
Sweet Perfume 15 Allure +
Seed of Beginners 300 Initialize Machina Board restoring all SP
Wiseman's Handbook 50 Gives 50000 SP

Secret Room 1Edit

Monsters : Aglo, Cocaito, Liquid, Tenoe

Drops: Feather of Monster Bird, Raw Silk, White Cloth, Crystal of Magical Power, Small Dragon's Body Fluid

Ruin map1

Portals :

a : portal to the entrance

b : portal to secret room 2. Requires Transfert Pass 02


1. Drop of Mazie

2. Virtue Pill

3. Cloak of Late-Night

4. Root of Azi

Secret Room 2Edit

Monsters : Faihoe, Failant, Vita, Zelian

Drops : Piece of Fire, Crystal of Magical Power, Sharp Fang, Black Wing

Ruin map2

Portals :

a : portal to secret room 1

b : portal to secret room 3. Requires Transfert Pass 03

Tresures :

1. Shine of Sun

2. Tamina Medicine

3. Ankh of Swift Wind

4. Fruit of Life

Secret Room 3Edit

Monsters : Desant, Kaiteth, Noid, Wolahoe

Drops : Sharp Fang, Cocaito's Cocoon, Fruit of Life, Soul of Giant, Silver Ingot, Piece of Water

Ruin map3

Portals :

a : portal to secret room 2

b : portal to secret room 4. Requires Transfert Pass 04

Tresures :

1. Sheep's Wool

2. Drop of Spirit

3. Gold-rimmed glasses

Secret Room 4Edit

Monsters : Bioless, De La Croix, Litehoe, Nepenteth, Prio

Drops : Sharp Fang, Claw of Dragon, Piece of Light, Iron Steel Line, Crystal of Magical Power

Ruin map4

Portals :

a : portal to secret room 3

b : portal to entrance

Tresures :

1.Tears of Spirit

2.Juice of Demazi

3.Seed of Magical Power

4.Tail of Lizard

5. Claws of Mole

Small CaveEdit

East of Dandong.

To finish the first Dandong guard request, talk to the guard in the entrance and you'll get the Machina Board. There is an hidden part on the second room. It can be revealed by hiting the switch at the end of the 3rd room.

Monsters : Fire Ant, Pancho, Vivi, Tenoe (2F, 3F)

Drops : Sharp Fang, Tanned Leather, Black Wing, Small Dragon's Body Fluid

Tresures :


Farming spots :

1F north: Stout Branch
1F southwest : Clear Water, Holy Drop
1F southeast : Refined Steel
2F middle : Stout Branch, Dirty Fur, Actuate Tip of Sword
2F hidden part, north : Refined Steel

Forest of FrampEdit

Pathway between Dandong area and Lecom area. The first time you walk in, you'll find the road blocked at midway.

Monsters : Cocaito, Fire Ant, Liquid, Pancho, Tenoe, Vivi, Thabit (center part, Lecom road)

Drops : Raw Silk, White Cloth, Sharp Fang, Crystal of Magical Power, Tanned Leather, Small Dragon's Body Fluid, Black Wing, Screw

Farming spots :

Dandong Road, east : Clear Water
Dandong Road, northeast after stairs : Black Wing, Actuate Tip of Sword
Dandong Road, south, west of entrance : Stout Branch
Forest of Framp 1, southwest : Dirty Fur

Tresures :

Dandong Road, southeast (from blue sparkles head east then south through trees) : Soulpebble of Earth
Forest of Framp 1, center :
Forest of Framp 1, northwest after stairs :
Forest of Framp 2, southeast :
Forest of Framp 2,southeast after stairs :
Lecom Road, southwest :  

Spooky HoleEdit

Pathway between Haltea Castle and Totori area. Don't forget to go into rooms not on the main way ; there are tresures inside ! You'll find one east of the first room through wall (F1bis), east of the first room after stairs (F1ter), east of third room after bridge (F4).

Monsters : Anpancho, Kaiteth, Landhoe, Nepente, Tenoue, Thabitor, Vita, Wolahoe (rare)

Drops : Tanned Leather, Sweet Perfume, Cocaito's Cocoon, Fruit of Life, Piece of Earth, Crystal of Magical Power, Rugged Vine, Small Dragon's Body Fluid, Generator, Black Wing, Piece of Water

Farming spots :

F1bis, south : Totori Steel, Silver Ingot
F1bis, northeast : Silver Ingot, Actuate Tip of Sword
F1, center after stairs : Silver Ingot
F3 southwest : Black Wing
F3 east : Actuate Tip of Sword, Rotten Seed
F4 southwest : Refined Steel
F4 west (2 spots): Totori Steel
F5 (boss room) : Stout Branch, Round Shell, Actuate Tip of Sword

Tresures :

F1bis, east : Drop of Mazie
F1bis, northwest : Soulpebble of Earth
F1, center after stairs :
F1ter :
F2 west :
F3 west :
F4 east, middle of swamp :
F4 northeast :
F4 west, middle of swamp :  

Cave of Surf SoundEdit

East of Totori.

When first entering the 3rd room, you'll find out it's full of water. The level can be lowered thanks to two switches hidden in two rooms north to that room.

Monsters : Nepente, Noid, Ryuposs, Sea Bat, Thabit, Thabitor, Wolahoe, Anpancho (F3, F4, F5, F6), Desant (F3, F4, F5, F6), Kaiteth (F3, F4, F5, F6), Oryuposs (F3, F4, F5, F6)

Drops : Rugged Vine, Soul of Giant, Silver Ingot, Steel White Thread, Sharp Fang, Root of Azi, Screw, Generator, Piece of Water, Seed of Magical Power, Tanned Leather, Sweet Perfume, Cocaito's Cocoon, Fruit of Life

Farming spots :

F1 northwest : Totori Steel
F2 middle west : Totori Steel
F4 (area north of 3rd area, by switch) northwest : Round Shell, Hard Scale
F3 southeast, above remaining water, access down stairs on east wall : Dirty Fur, Hard Scale
F3 extreme south : Totori Steel
F6 north : Totori Steel

Tresures :

F1 northeast up :
F1 northeast down :
F2 northeast :
F3 southwest :
F3 south :
F5 northwest :
F5 east :
F6 entrance :

Fountain of SpiritEdit

Boat needed. On artic island north of Haltea.

To find your way inside the forest, simply follow the bunches of pink flowers. If you follow another way you'll be teleported back to the beginning of the forest maze. At the end of the labyrinth there is the spirit fountain. In the trees south of the fountain is hidden a lanpancho. To fight him, simply go to speak with him and answer "Bully". Remember that killing a lanpancho is the goal of guard station request 21.

Monsters : Bjorn, Desant, Gramaan, Prio, Winhoe

Drops : Sharp Fang, Heart of Leo, Drop of Mazie, Crystal of Magical Power, Piece of Wind, Seed of Magical Power, Root of Azi

Farming spots :

2nd area west : Stout Branch, Right Arm of Big Tree
1st area north (access after talking to the Earth God) : Holy Drop

Tresures :

2nd area southwest, up stairs :
2nd area center east :
2nd area northwest :
Forest of Ambivalence, 2nd area :
Spirit Fountain, west side :
Spirit Fountain, east side :

Holy Mountain, El AldoEdit

Boat needed. Pathway between Cureo area and Chasmus area.

The path within the mountain is long and full of powerful monsters. Be sure you are ready before going in. At midway there is a little cabin where you can rest before beginning the descent, which has even more powerful monsters.

Monsters : Agoole, Bioless (not F1), Braihoe (not F1), Chronoid (grottos), Gramaan, Horned, Litehoe, Nepenteth (not F1), Thabit, Thabitor (F3, F4, F5), Thabitest, Lanpancho (extra rare, F1), De La Croix (F4, F5)

Drops : Feather of Monster Bird, Sharp Fang, Piece of Darkness, Heart of Leo, Tamina Medecine, Robust Horn, Glowing Adventure Tale, Piece of Light, Iron Steel Line, Screw, Generator, Genuine Liquefied Oil, Tanned Leather, Claw of Dragon, Tamina Medecine

Farming spots :

F1 north of entrance (a) : Stout Branch, Right Arm of Big Tree
F2 west (a) : El Aldo Steel
F2 northwest  (b) : Totori Steel
F3 south (a) : El Aldo Steel
F3, middle grotto (3) : Clear Water, Holy Drop
F3 go through right grotto, then right grotto (5) : El Aldo Steel
F3 go through right grotto, then middle grotto (6) : El Aldo Steel
F3 go through right grotto, then left grotto (7) : Rotten Seed, Round Shell
F3 behind cliff (through left grotto), northwest grotto (8) : Rotten Seed, Black Wing
F4 after cabin, east (b) : El Aldo Steel
F4 west, take western stairs then western stairs (a) : Refined Steel
F5 go east then pass under stone arch then go southwest (a) : El Aldo Steel
F5 southeast (b) : Hard Scale, Right Arm of Big Tree

Tresures :

F1 north of entrance (a) :
F1, 2nd cliff north of entrance (b) :
F1, center of map, east of 1st cliff (c) :
F1 southeast (d) :
F2 east, upstairs (a) :
F2 northwest (b) : Soulpebble of Earth
F3 left grotto, east (1) :
F3 behind cliff, east (a) :
F4 after cabin, take west stairs then west stairs then west stairs (a) :
F5 northwest (a) :
F5 go east then pass under stone arch then go southwest (b) :
F5 west, downstairs (c) :
F5 southwest (d) :
F5 southeast (e) :

Map :

Map el aldo

Cave of DarknessEdit

Airship needed. On island west of Keyan.

Not to get lost inside the cave, remember Bell's words and always walk straight.

Monsters : Katanoue (1F), Laflesia, Thabitest (1F), Yeager, Water Elemental, Wind Elemental, Fire Elemental, Earth Elemental, Goldonoid (not in 1st room), Agloia (after bridge)

In the area under the bridge, there are only Elementals.

Drops : Hard Scale, Iron Steel Line, Scripture of Spirit Gods, Genuine Liquefied Oil, Fiery Fire Bag, Piece of Water, Piece of Wind, Piece of Fire, Piece of Earth, Seed of Magical Power, Soul of Giant, Feather of Monster Bird

Farming spots, Piece of Darkness : F1 southwest, F1 west, F2 south, F4 west

Tresures :

F1, northwest :
F2, east :
F2, center :
F2, from south after stairs, head north :
F3 (after bridge) :


Airship needed. Far east of Col over the Sea.

To enter it, you simply need to fly into it. On the fourth floor, after a laser, you'll meet a door. Inside is a machine that will restore your health.

Monsters : Agoole (1F), Agloia (not 1F), Bison (not 1F), Black Pancho (not 1F), Ende, Goldonoid (not 1F), Horned (1F), Katanoue, Laflesia (not 1F), Nepenteth (1F), Proof, Thabit, Thabitor, Vanoid, Yeager, Earth Elemental (4F), Fire Elemental (5F), Water Elemental (5F)

Drops : Feather of Monster Bird, Robust Horn, Tanned Leather, Claw of Dragon, Soul of Giant, Hard Scale, Iron Steel Line, Scripture of Spirit Gods, Crystal of Magical Power, Screw, Genuine Liquefied Oil, Fiery Fire Bag, Piece of Earth, Piece of Fire, Piece of Water

Tresures :

1F, left door on south corridor (1) : Ruby Earring

1F, middle door on south corridor (2) : Cross of Resurrection

1F, right door on south corridor (3) : Diamond Earring

1F, left door on north corridor (4) : Shield of Four Gods

1F, right door on north corridor (5) : Cross of Blessing

2F, door on south corridor (1), left : Tears of Spirit

2F, door on south corridor (1), right : Seed of Magical Power

2F, left door on north corridor (2), left : Gold-rimmed Glasses

2F, left door on north corridor (2), right : Soulpebble of Earth

2F, middle door on north corridor (3), left : Second Pass

2F, middle door on north corridor (3), right : Soulpebble of Water

2F, left door on north corridor (4), up : Soulpebble of Wind

2F, left door on north corridor (4), down : Tears of Spirit

2F east, door on corridor (5), left : Tears of Spirit

2F east, door on corridor (5), right : Soulpebble of Fire

4F, left door on north corridor (1) : Juice of Demazi

4F, right door on north corridor, hidden behind box (2) : Scripture of Spirit Gods

4F middle west : Soulpebble of Earth

3F underneath passage, south : Drop of Mazie

3F underneath passage, north : First pass

5F, 1st on left : Soulpebble of Light

5F, 2nd on left : 12000G

5F, 2nd on right : Soulpebble of Fire

5F, 1st on right : Soulpebble of Earth

4F door after laser (3) : Tears of Spirit

Wreckage of AirshipEdit

After a certain point in the story, the airship will crash on the small island under it. The former rooms are still accessible, but the crash generates a hole into the first room corridor which leads to the bottom of it.