This is a list of characters found in the game.

Playable charactersEdit



The main character, Frain, is a scientist/researcher, although he describes himself as a mercenary or a messanger. Originating from a distant world, he participated at the start of the game in an experiment in order to help his own world, which seems to have experienced a tragic catastrophe. In order to fix this situation, he and a fellow lead scientist, Shaft run the experiment that eventually sent him to a new world.


“It's honest poverty!”
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Bell is a 16 years-old Sister of the Church from the Village of Col. Kind and innocent, Frain first met her not long after being exposed as a spy, by the Dandong Castle officer, Paul. She took care of Frain and now accompany him in his adventures. Also, she is a close friend of Aulin's.


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“I'm a savior to all of those in need!”

Aulin is a traveler who decided to accompany Frain. Granddaughter of Yumil, she gets recognized and acknowledged as such almost everywhere she goes. This bothered her during her childhood in the Fishing village of Totori, as it separates her from other children. Strong willed and a free spirit, she's also willing to do almost any task for a good reward. Also, she is a good friend of Bell's.



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Fraiya is a Scientist that helps Frain On his world to do various experiments. You also find at through gameplay and multiple dialogues she has come to love Frain. She is often accused of many things by Bell And Aulin.


A lead scientist and Frain's main scientific leader. He appears at the beginning of the game and various points throughout at the beginning. At the very beginning, she helps Frain with the experiment.

Dandong CastleEdit


Paul is the current leader who is leading the Dandong Castle, it's knights and general army. It is he who you will meet when you arrive at Dandong Castle and Aulin makes it no secret that she does not like him.

Paul is the character in the top-left of the Picture below.


Riddy is scientist on the second floor of Dandong Castle she is a lead researcher and she will give you and extra request to search the Mysterious Ruin to the North west of Dandong.



A famous explorer, Yumil is Aulin's grandfather.